About Me

2Hello and welcome to my web-site, my name is Frew Tibebu. I am a full time Real Estate Professional, serving the city of Tracy, as well as the Central Valley and the Bay Area for over 10 years.
My approach to managing real estate transactions on behalf of my clients is strictly from the heart by following the ‘Golden Rule’, placing the interest of my clients above everything else. I thrive on doing the right things for my clients at all times….negotiating, communicating, and paying attention to detail, thereby providing a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment to myself and my clients. I pursue real estate with the same zeal and enthusiasm that I apply to my other passions in my life, such as family, philanthropy, human rights, soccer, biking, hiking, travel, reading, movies, art and music.
Leveraging my skill and knowledge that I have developed while working in management in the retail industry, I navigate the ever complex sales process in the real estate industry with exceptional ease, delivering a smoother transaction most of the time. By maintaining a high regard to the relationship aspect of the real estate business, today I could proudly count a large number of people with whom I originally became acquainted in my role as a Realtor.
From understanding today’s buyers to obtaining the highest price to my seller clients, let my experience and knowledge guide you through the maze of real estate transactions.